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San Francisco Transbay Terminal Completion

San Francisco Transbay Terminal Completion

San francisco transbay interior
Light wells illuminate the interiors with natural light. Source: SFCurbed

The San Francisco Transbay Terminal has already taken up to 5 years to build and there is now a completion date on the horizon set on December 22, 2017. At only 5 stories tall, the sprawling terminal will be 1,400 feet long –about .25 of a mile – with a rooftop park, grassy berms and 470 trees. Pedestrians, shoppers and commuters will access the Terminal from underground to rooftop levels, making it a very interactive and practical use of space. From the rooftop public open space, you can appreciate the architectural diversity of San Francisco from an elevated perspective. From the ground levels, natural light filters in from light columns and will illuminate the underground bus tunnels. The white lace surrounding the Transbay Terminal’s perimeter was designed from a geometry pattern formed by British mathematician Roger Penrose. All-in-all, this architectural feat will be the crown jewel of South Beach San Francisco.

Condos in the Transbay Neighborhood can be found on the bottom of this page. Click here.

San francisco transbay
The public transportation bridge is a mini replica of the Bay Bridge seen from Howard between Second and First. Source: SFCurbed

Transbay Terminal: A Modern Day Train Station

San francisco transbay
Transbay City Park Nearing Completion with Trees and and Landscaping. Source SFCurbed

The Transbay Terminal is a multi-use building that will have several public uses, a smart move by the city to re-envision and introduce a new Downtown space for the neighborhood. It sort of like SoMa’s Union Square, only the futuristic version, that will be a shopping destination with public open space that can host live performances. When completed, the Transbay Terminal will serve 45 million people annually. Much of that number will be commuters from the entire Bay Area that use the public transportation. Buses will be operating from the Transbay Terminal in early 2018 from the following transportation agencies:

  • AC Transit
  • BART
  • Cal Train
  • Golden Gate Transit
  • Greyhound
  • Muni
  • Sam Trans
  • Westcat Lynx
  • Amtrak
  • Paratransit

San francisco transbay
Sourced: SFCurbed

The Transbay Terminal also lays the groundwork for rail service to San Francisco from the South Bay and Southern California. Both projects are in very early stages. The Caltrain expansion from 4th and Townsend to the Transbay Terminal is currently in a preliminary study. In fact, the expansion itself is estimated to cost $2.6 billion dollars alone, the same cost to build the entire Transbay Terminal. The terminal is also an impetus for the future high speed rail project, proposed to connect San Francisco to Los Angeles by bullet train.

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