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2022 Market Outlook | Sell Now If You’re Ready

The number one burning question in the San Francisco= real estate market circle is… will 2022’s market be anything like last year’s? In 2021, seller profit averaged $94,000 nationwide, with single-family homes in San Francisco seeing larger profits. This is especially true with Sellers who have owned property for over 20 years. In the condo market, many Sellers are breaking even and some returning a profit for the first time since 2016, when the market last saw major price gains.

2021 Sales and Price Appreciation Case Studies

629 Los Palmos
Single Family Home
Owner bought in 2007 for $1.74M
Sold Last Year $2,970,000
Represented Buyer

1915 Sacramento
Single Family Home
Owner bought in 2013 for $2.51M
Sold last year $4,050,000
Represented Buyer


255 Berry St #114
255 Berry Street Condo
Owner bought in 2014 for $1.75M
Sold Last Year $2,150,000
Represented Seller

480 Mission Bay #713
Madrone Condo
Owner bought in 2015 for $1.19M
Sold Last Year $1,249,000
Represented Seller

Newly minted buyers replaced people that sold and left San Francisco last year. That means new Silicon Valley money is still around with tech doing well despite other industries. Many in the ultra-luxury market did not make a move last year due to the shifty economy. But as people see that the economy is stabilizing, property owners are realizing 2022 could be another great year to sell. Buyers are out there. Buyers with locked in interest rates from the past month are especially out there. Basically, the real estate community’s consensus is, sell now if your property is ready for the market.

nathalie chaney
U.S. Housing Market has Doubled in Value since the Great Recession, Gaining $6.9 Trillion in 2021 The typical U.S. home rose in value by 19.6% last year. California’s housing market remains the nation’s most valuable, representing more than a fifth – 21.3% – of the national total.

Home Buyers Narrow Home Search With Technology
Last year, home buyers viewed a median of eight homes before purchasing. Among the median eight homes viewed by buyers, three were viewed online only with the help of virtual and video tours as well as virtual open houses, according to NAR data.

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