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The Salesforce Tower and Transbay Transit Center Progress

Salesforce Tower and Transbay Transit Center

Progress is coming along at the Transbay Transit Center Project and The Transbay Tower, also known as the Salesforce Tower. Transbay is a new neighborhood and part of a redevelopment plan that includes residential condos, commercial office space and unique parks. It’s all about turning Downtown San Francisco into the futuristic “Grand Central Station of the West”. Imagine the ultimate pedestrian environment, where you can walk to Cal Train or Bart from your Downtown San Francisco condo. Stroll through the city’s largest rooftop park and grab a bite to eat at the sleek, modern Salesforce Tower. The Transbay neighborhood will transform city living in Downtown San Francisco. Interested in living across from this cool new neighborhood? Check out the ultra luxurious residences at 181 Fremont.

The new Transbay Transit Center and Development in Surrounding Neighborhood. from Transbay Transit Center on Vimeo.

The Transbay Transit Center

Transbay transit center
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The Transbay Transit Center will be a modern transit hub for SF Muni, Bart, Caltrain and the future High Speed Rail. It will bring all of the Bay Area’s public transportation options to a junction, making transfers more efficient. Currently, Caltrain begins at 4th and Townsend in Mission Bay; once complete, it will extend another mile closer to major transit hubs. This advancement in public transportation will further connect the South and East Bays, bringing Caltrain closer to Downtown, Muni and Bart. The Chinatown subway will also connect Bart to Caltrain.

The Salesforce Tower

415 Mission Street between First and Fremont Streets next to the Transbay Transit Center.

Salesforce tower
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The Salesforce Tower will be the tallest building on the West Coast and it is absolutely stunning. Restaraunts and shopping will be on the ground level of this architectural gem. Salesforce is the Transbay Tower’s anchor tenant and will be leasing floors 1, 3-30 and 61 which is the penthouse level. As part of the leasing agreement, Salesforce will be putting its name on the Transbay Tower, thus, it is now widely known as the Salesforce Tower. The Salesforce Tower will be the global headquarters for the company.

City Park

Transbay city park
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The new Transbay Center will feature the 5.4 acre rooftop City Park . This project will offer unique outdoor opportunities, including a quarter mile long greenway accessible to neighborhood residents and visitors. Plus, there is a $4.75 million budget for the San Francisco Arts Commission who will place permanent artwork created by prominent local artists and sculptors. The Arts Commission will fund the installation of public art throughout the newly developed Transbay Center and the surrounding immediate area.

Roughly bounded by Market Street on the north, the Embarcadero on the east, Folsom Street on the south, and Hawthorne Street to the west, the Transbay District encompasses several parts of different established neighborhoods in San Francisco’s Southern Financial District. The Green Line Indicates the Central Subway construction. The orange line indicates the proposed extension of Caltrain from 4th and King to the new Transbay Terminal.

Transbay Neighborhood in Numbers:

  • 6 million sq. ft. of commercial space
  • 4,400 new housing units in the form of condos
  • 100,000 sq. ft of. retail space
  • 1,000 new hotel rooms
  • The 1,070 ft Tall Salesforce Tower will be the tallest building in San Francisco and the Western United states
  • The Salesforce Tower will have 61 floors.

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