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Transbay Year-End Update

Transbay Year-End Update

  • After an accelerated run of home price gains prices have stabilized. We are seeing fewer overbids and more price reductions. Interest rates have increased 1% over the last month and are expected to rise throughout 2017. Now is the time to buy!
  • The same number of units sold in December 2012 and December 2016, however sales prices have appreciated 26% since 2012 citywide.
  • In the Transbay neighborhoods, there are more active listings now than a year ago. Seller confidence levels remains high with expectations of excellent ROIs.
  • Buyers have become more discerning when it comes to selecting property and Sellers are aware of this. There are pockets of buying opportunities  for specific properties and price points.It’s time to strategize: understand your competition and pay attention to buyers’ needs. Call me to discuss your marketing goals in 2017.

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