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Sellers Deserve Better

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Sellers Deserve Better

News broke last week of Opendoor and Redfin teaming up to push more iBuyer offers to more sellers in more markets. It’s big news — and it brings the future of the industry into clear focus.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, “iBuyers” are companies that have raised billions of dollars to buy homes directly, do home improvements, and then sell them for a profit, eliminating agents in the process. Flipping homes is an old practice, but these new players are starting to do it on a massive scale. Owners can sell their homes with just a few clicks, but the iBuyer companies are the ones who keep all the profit.

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Our approach is different. Here at Compass, we are trying to help sellers get the absolute best price they can for their homes. We believe it is our responsibility to help everyone maximize their value because we know how much of their lives, their dreams, and their financial security is tied up in this one sale. That’s the whole reason that Compass Concierge exists. Concierge lets sellers earn the increased profits from home-improvement services, while iBuyers keep the profits from home-improvement services for themselves.

This Opendoor+Redfin partnership is something we should all take seriously. The industry is changing faster than ever before. However, with Compass, we are in the business of putting the needs of our clients first.

We are the only company with the resources to build an end-to-end technology platform for our clients’ needs, one that is high-tech and high-touch.

We are the only company putting hundreds of millions of dollars into a program like Compass Concierge, we front the cost of staging and home-improvement services with no interest or hidden fees so that you can increase the value of your home.

As the real estate industry changes over time, my transition into joining Compass has only been a positive experience. For example, the Compass network is huge and the ability to pre-market your listing to a sphere of reputable top agents is invaluable. This week, I sold my clients 2 bedroom at The Metropolitan off market. And, the buyer came in from a Compass agent who saw the listing during its pre-marketing phase. In my twenty years of selling real estate, it sure is an exciting time to see where the industry is headed and how we as agents can continue to lead our markets with the innovative tools that Compass provides. The possibilities are endless.

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