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San Francisco Plans to Redesign its Civic Center

San Francisco Civic Center

San Francisco wants to redesign its Civic Center public space.  Having live in the city for so long, it’s hard to imagine a different Civic Center, however it would be nice to see some change! The current format has been unchanged since early 1900’s, and although there are several lawn areas for public demonstrations and festivals, the area seems bleak most of the year.  To walk from one corner of the Civic Center to the other can take five to seven minutes – that’s how large it is.  The areas of most use throughout the year are the playgrounds and the United Nations Plaza.  Several tour buses also stop in the parking corridor, and tourists spill out taking photos of City Hall and surrounding monuments.  Other buildings in the Civic Center area are the Bill Graham Auditorium, Asian Art Museum and San Francisco Public Library.  City dwellers from all over SF find a reason to pass through – stick around for long enough and you’ll find it’s a great people watching arena. Twitter SF is right across Market Street, as well as the recent influx of tech companies that have moved into the general Civic Center/MidMarket area.

The Civic Center houses several events in San Francisco that defines our city culture. Weekly Farmers Markets, Annual Gay Pride, the occasional peaceful protests and public art installations are a few events that take place over its sprawling grounds.  When the bay area sports teams are winning, a giant screen at City Hall plays final games, bringing the city together to celebrate.  This photo of the Civic Center taken during 2010 World Series.  As the city progresses, embraces technology and rethinks how to re-utilize its public space, it may be time to change the Civic Center landscape – finally!

Read more and click around for the civic center redesign proposal: SFCurbed

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