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Salesforce Tower Light Installation


The top of the Salesforce Tower is lit and it’s pretty cool to watch! The image compositions are made up of 11,000 LED lights that are programmed together to make movie snippets. This ambitious project was conceptualized and successfully implemented by one of San Francisco’s most well-revered contemporatry artists, Jim Campbell. Campbell has exhibited similar LED-light installations at the SFMOMA and is also know for a large scale LED-light sculpture that he installed in Manhattan at the Madison Square Garden Conservancy. Campbell’s Salesforce Tower installation takes up the top nine floors of the 61-floor tower and will feature “soft and continuous images” that evoke a more ambient emotion in contrast to his past work. We’re excited to see more of this imagery into the future! What’s also fascinating is how this imagery could be seen as far as the east bay cities and the town of Marin. Can’t wait to see Instagram posts of these video-like images from all over the bay!

The Master Plan for this new Transbay District includes several more permanent art installations in and around the Salesforce Tower and Park. Read more about the project here.

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