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Introducing Virtual Agent Services

Hello Everyone,

We hope this newsletter finds you and your family healthy and safe. We’re super excited to announce our new suite of Virtual Agent Services.

The health of our clients remains our top priority, so we are working on ways to use technology to continue to meet your real estate needs in our age of Covid-19. Check out our Virtual Agent Services and let us know your thoughts.

Virtual Agent Services

An Exclusive Suite of Services

Virtual Open Houses

Using dynamic, agent-guided video promoted via digital, mobile, and social channels, we can showcase the key features of your property to interested clientele wherever they are.

Private Interactive Home Tours

Take buyers on a virtual journey through any home with sight, sound, and motion to expound on the unique features of the home. Buyers can easily provide feedback via live video, text or emoticons that can be easily shared with agents and sellers.

Virtual Neighborhood Tours

Selling your home will be a “virtual walk in the park” with Compass’s Virtual Neighborhood Tours. Buyers and their families can explore new neighborhoods and experience all that the community has to offer with snapshots of key attributes of the neighborhood.

Dynamic Digital Listing Brochures

Pages will turn, videos will play, home features will come to life with interactive brochures that create a dynamic, immersive experience for even the most discerning of buyers.

Video Mail

Got mail? More opens lead to more closings with emails that allow you to put your best face forward using embedded video.

Live Postcards

With an animated open experience and dream-like view of the most attractive features of the home, Live Postcards can surprise and delight prospective buyers at every stage of their journey to find their perfect place in the world.

Digital Marketing + Insights

The Compass’s digital Ad tool allows for the quick and easy launch of optimized Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to promote your property to a highly targeted audience.

Enhanced 3D Staging

We’ve partnered with America’s leading virtual staging firm to provide enhanced 3D staging that combines superior home staging expertise and high-end design with state-of-the-art virtual staging technology.

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